Binario - An inspiring track to change
Leadership Development

To get a deeper insight in who you are and what your drivers are, our leadership development programmes take you off the beaten track and add a dimension of ‘meaningfulness’. We introduce your employees to a social profit organisation, working with and for vulnerable people, and let them work together. Your managers will engage themselves to work on an actual challenge of the social organisation. This provocative environment – away from the familiar habitat - forces to question and rethink leadership and the well known business models; it is about real ‘out of the box’ thinking, about discovering and sharpening creativity to realise workable and sustainable projects. Equality is the basis for working and learning together. It is about working with the organisations, not thinking for them. Therefore, the leaders of the social profit organisation fully participate in the leadership experience.


While working on the project, coaches observe and guide the team as well as the learning process. We call it ‘action learning’, whereby the action is enriched by critical reflections on what participants experienced. We coach in translating these experiences towards action points, to be used personally and in team. We link personal and team development to an investment in a societal responsible environment.


Development programmes can be organised both inside and outside Belgium.


Each journey has the same objectives:

  • To reinforce employees’ competencies from both organisations
  • To provide a ‘solution’ for the challenge of the social profit organisation
  • Build bridges between North & South, between regular & social economy: to get acquainted with each other, to take away prejudices, explore synergies


Competencies will be developed in a simple, interesting and no-nonsense manner and social sensitization will undoubtedly take place.