Binario - An inspiring track to change
Encounter with the future

The world is moving at an unprecedented rate. Technologies and tools, but also societies keep on changing rapidly and often leave us overwhelmed and confused. Companies that are able to anticipate and respond to these new challenges will create a competitive advantage.


Let it be that business models of social entrepreneurs depart from societal needs. They are confronted with societal challenges on a daily basis, as a result of which they easily pick up early warnings of new needs and trends, long before large businesses experience them.  Social entrepreneurs can thus help us in interpreting these changes correctly (sensemaking) and create specific attention for weak signals, which might affect the future.


To develop new insights and open up the minds of your people, we will connect you with social entrepreneurs and their projects. Not a question and answer session, but a personal and interactive encounter, where mutual learning is key. Participants learn to explore different lines of thought and view situations from multiple perspectives. Since people are connected to an engaging societal project, slightly outside their comfort zone, the experience lasts longer. That is where sensitization starts.